Chairman, BABIP

I am pleased to welcome you to the first Bangladesh Association for Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology (BABIP) assembly. BABIP is a very young Respiratory society for the pulmonologist and is dedicated to the interventional pulmonologist. Although there is other respiratory society in Bangladesh, None is dedicated to the interventional pulmonology.

Interventional pulmonology or IP is an emerging field within the respiratory medicine with focus on the minimally invasive technique for the diagnosis and management of lung cancer, central airway obstruction and pleural disease. There is important relationship between IP and that with thoracic surgery because pulmonologist and thoracic surgeon commonly share patients with clinical quantity such as staging of cancer, diagnosis of peripheral lung nodule and approach to pleural disease.

I hope Emergence of BABIP and this assembly will enhance the image of respiratory medicine, which has suffered many years for being associated with tuberculosis (TB) when this speciality in fact had many areas such as critical care, interstitial lung disease, Pulmonary dynamics.

Now With the establishment of BABIP I trust that interventional procedures for the diagnosis and management of different lung disease will get an unmet acceleration and cope with the other specialty and pulmonologist abroad. I hope you will enjoy the assembly.

Professor Mirza Mohammad Hiron


Secretary General, BABIP

Assalamualikum, I would like to welcome all participants to the first assembly of Bangladesh Association for Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology (BABIP). Interventional pulmonology is rapidly expanding over the last few years. This is a growing area of interest within respiratory medicine and offers new approach to the management of a variety of condition s including pleural disease, pulmonary lesion , thoracic malignancy, asthma and emphysema. Interventional pulmonology enables pulmonologist to perform many minimally invasive procedures in the airways and pleural space.

Dear colleague, Bangladesh Association for Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology is growing association in Bangladesh. We have started with the mission to disseminate updated information regarding the field of bronchology and interventional pulmonology, publication of scientific journals/ papers, scientific symposia, Interventional pulomonology fellowship programmme. We are working with the vision to offer the most state of the art treatment and therapies for the patients and are engaged in the clinical research developed furthering the use of interventional pulmonology technique.

Dear doctors, Interventional pulmonology is an evolving field focusing on application of advanced bronchoscopic techniques for treatment of various malignant and nonmalignant airway disorders. First-line endoscopic interventions should now be strongly considered due to more immediate results and a favorable safety profile.

Among territorial battles with other disciplines we are a little bit lagging behind, financial concerns, training, verification of competency and lack of rigorous scientific research in this field are main challenges and future directions facing interventional pulmonology. Broader clinical application in near future to manage patients in a better way is our target.

Our motto: is to promoting an updated lung health service by training , education and research

Dr. Md. Sayedul Islam